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Friday, December 07, 2007

Bye-Bye Camelot

It's been there most of my life, a giant castle standing over my walks home from Jr High, watching over my first drives, my trips to Pennington's and Weber's, my visits to the grocery, to Hancock's, to Church's and Cici's, stroller walks with my babies and long walks with my grandbabies. I have lived within a mile of this huge friend for almost all of my life. And now it is coming down. The big dinosaurs are chopping it into pieces and throwing it into giant dumpsters.
We knew it was coming down, we knew it was coming soon. We knew it was an eyesore, a danger, a firetrap.
But I guess I always kept my fingers crossed that somehow someone would save it, the old castle, and it would regain its former luster and glory. That presidents and entertainers, like Nixon and Elvis, would visit. That seniors could have their proms there again. That we could visit the funky piano bar and hear the lounge singers or attend another special Christmas party on the top floor.
I guess this is really the end.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Finally photos

Mr Q finally downloaded about 700 photos off my camera onto the hard drive where I can access them. So I am finally posting some photos of our travels this year. Here's an amazing hot spring spa we went to on our trip to Santa Fe with friends.

Of course I knitted socks on the way home through the panhandle of Oklahoma.

My neice and I made the long long drive to South Dakota to visit my sister, her mom. Here's mother and daughter silhouetted by the gorgeous sunset at Lake Campbell. They have a spectacular sunset every day. It's amazing!

Mr Q and I drove to Colorado in October and got to see the aspens in full glory.

But we always have to come back home to the grandbabies! Here are the 3 granddaughters.
Could there be any cuter girls ?