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Thursday, July 20, 2006

I-Cords are Amazing!

I just learned how to make I-cords last night and they are truly amazing. They remind me of using the spool with nails and yarn to make tubes or cords when we were kids. Mr Q thought I was crazy but all the girls did this back in the day.

I have been extremely stressed lately, with the wedding and now hiring a new children's librarian. I have been going straight home and eating whatever Mr Q cooks and then I sit in front of the TV and knit. I have finished all but about 2 inches of my granddaughter's 2nd sock, but the other day I pulled out all my yarn and started a Booga Bag. Fannie Pie made a few of these last year and gave me the pattern from Black Sheep Bags and told me they are easy, and she was right, as always. I also saw a photo of a cute bag on KnitPicks and bought the exact yarn and loved the stripes, so I am combining 2 patterns to make a bag that looks a lot like the one above. I started this bag on Monday and I finished it last night and started the I-cord straps. I swear that knitting this bag has saved my life!

Knitting, grandbabies and "Project Runway" are keeping me going right now.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Love is in the air

I just looked at my blog and I last posted 2 months ago! That's incredible!

Then I remembered: Oh Yes, my little sister got married last weekend and wedding stuff sucked up my last 2 months! My little sister is a super creative person, and this is her 2nd marriage. She finally got the right man, and she did everything her way this time. Welcome to the family, Dr. Dan!

They had a wonderful wedding at our parents' cabin in the Ozarks. The weather actually cooperated and it was only 90 degrees, instead of the 100 that we expected in July. It was a lovely day, and everyone had a wonderful time.

Before the wedding Mr Q and I helped my little sis out by doing little odd jobs around the house, helping pack, running the sound and video at the wedding, helping shop for wedding stuff, as well as mowing, weeding, painting, cleaning, hauling, fixing at the cabin. We also lent her our sons for packing the UHaul, DJing at the party, creating the wedding video, playing the euphonium at the wedding, and parking cars. And our grandkids were the flower girl and ring burier, although the 4 year-old ring burier decided to resist his job, and he threw the ring pillow on the ground and kicked it and sat on the steps just moments before the bride and our dad were ready to descend. Luckily he is really cute and everyone thought he was quite adorable. (The real rings were safely with the best man and maid of honor.)

I wish my lovely sister and her kind new husband all the happiness in the world.
I will miss them tremendously and hope that they have a wonderful new life together.