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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


It has been brought to my attention that I should hurry to meet my every 3 months posting schedule. (Thanks, Amy!) I thought that I had found someone who posted more rarely than me, when I read Ann's blog, but now she is posting every day! (Stop it, Ann!)
I will blame Mr Q. and his 2 secondhand laptops. He hooks up one and I use it to download my photos and then when I start to post, he takes it out of town and leaves me the other. Then when I put photos on the other one, he gets a big virus on that one, and so on. I finally got a photo of my pretty purple sweater:

I made this sweater from a Noro pattern with Borocco Ultra Alpaca, which is alpaca and wool and super soft! It was my first sweater, so I was happy that it actually fits. I have worn it already to meetings and to Knit Night and I love it.

I loved knitting this sweater so much that I just bought 20 skeins of Peru Luxury DK from LittleKnits. I got the pretty fuschia, but now I'm afraid it will be too bright. Of course fuschia will be too bright, it's Fuschia!

I will try to post again sooner, but if I post before January, that will be pretty good for me. Hopefully I will be able to show some photos from our trip last week to Colorado where we FINALLY saw the aspens in full glory and it DID NOT SNOW this year!