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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Actual email from hip evening library clerk

"Tonight has been crazy. I was just preached to by a strange woman. The police were up here an hour ago looking for J R J(a regular). Her mom apparently kicked her out and her grandparents were coming to get her and they called me personally to tell me the entire story. *yay* That was a mess. One regular is being loud and several patrons complained. Nearly every customer is having some weird problem with the computer or with their record. *sigh* Another fun filled night at the branch. =)"

This is an actual email. Luckily hip evening clerk still showed up to work today, anyway!

Last night I had a lovely night, sewing on Youngest Son's quilt. I started it for his 21st birthday and now he is 23 1/2! It's a queen size Thousand Pyramids made up of over 600 5" triangles. I probably have about 200 different fabrics, and most of them mean something to Son and his wife. I have only the last 4 rows to finish, and then I can sew all the sections together. I have been working on this so long I will almost miss it when I am done. But I will be happy to get it finished and give it to them, and I hope they will be happy too. This sounds like it's taking a really long time, but I made Older Son a queen size flying geese and I started it for his 21st bday and he got it on his 25th!

Friday, September 23, 2005

first post

This is my first posting to my blog that my wonderful son set up for me. You can see that I am a librarian and a quilter, as well as a grandmother. I like to read quilt blogs and library blogs and just decided to try to write my own musings. I am a librarian at a branch library in a big system in the Midwest, (or the Plains or the South or the Southwest, depending on which book you look at ).
I have been married a very long time, I have 2 married sons and 3 adorable grandchildren.

I was wishing that I had this blog up and going on Saturday, because the weirdest things happened. At 6:30 the security company called me to say there was an alarm at the library, and they would call me if the police saw anything suspicious. This happens about once a month, so I wasn't too worried. So Mr. Q woke up and went in the other room, and the cats were acting scared, hissing and snarling, right at the entrance to my spare bedroom/sewing room. He got me and we went to investigate and there was a racoon in the sewing room! It was a big racoon, just looking at us. We were afraid to go into the room, because we thought it might attack, so we decided to call someone later, and we went back to bed. When we woke up at 7:30 the cats were just fine and dragged me into the sewing room and asked for food, so I assume the racoon had left. Now we will lock the cat flap (or cat fwap as our grandson calls it).

Friday, September 16, 2005

A Brave New Blog

Welcome to