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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Actual email from hip evening library clerk

"Tonight has been crazy. I was just preached to by a strange woman. The police were up here an hour ago looking for J R J(a regular). Her mom apparently kicked her out and her grandparents were coming to get her and they called me personally to tell me the entire story. *yay* That was a mess. One regular is being loud and several patrons complained. Nearly every customer is having some weird problem with the computer or with their record. *sigh* Another fun filled night at the branch. =)"

This is an actual email. Luckily hip evening clerk still showed up to work today, anyway!

Last night I had a lovely night, sewing on Youngest Son's quilt. I started it for his 21st birthday and now he is 23 1/2! It's a queen size Thousand Pyramids made up of over 600 5" triangles. I probably have about 200 different fabrics, and most of them mean something to Son and his wife. I have only the last 4 rows to finish, and then I can sew all the sections together. I have been working on this so long I will almost miss it when I am done. But I will be happy to get it finished and give it to them, and I hope they will be happy too. This sounds like it's taking a really long time, but I made Older Son a queen size flying geese and I started it for his 21st bday and he got it on his 25th!