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Monday, November 13, 2006

Keeping Busy

This weekend Mr Q and I went for a quiet weekend to my family's cabin in Missouri. The highlight of the trip was eating ripe persimmons and watching 9 deer drink water from the creek. Magical! We had a lovely visit there, even though I had to read most of Freddy & Fredericka, a 550 page novel, for my book club for today. I did finish it and enjoyed it, but it was just way too long. Only 3 of the 8 in the group managed to finish the book and this is a group that usually reads anything I choose for them.

In between bouts of reading my book, I found time to take a long walk, watch a couple of movies and work on 2 scarves I am knitting. I have been working on a green lace scarf or stole since February and I decided to finish the last 6 inches so I can block it and use it this winter. I also got some new lace weight yarn and, of course, I had to start another lace scarf/stole with this. I started one pattern, but ripped it out and now I'm trying the Feather and Fan from KnitPicks. I don't think anyone else would want these scarves, so I guess I am being greedy and knitting them for myself. But sometimes, something that takes a little concentration, but not too much, is just the ticket for keeping from going completely bonkers. My library is getting spruced up in a week or so and I will be homeless for about 6 weeks, and there is just so much to do, that these scarves are just right to work on. I can concentrate on the patterns and ignore the stress!

Since there are 2 new baby girls in the family, (Welcome--Katlyn & Kinsey!) I finally went into my stash to find fabric for 2 baby quilts. I was pleased that I had plenty of pretty fabric for both without having to leave my house. For Katlyn, I found some pretty blue and pink fabric with tiny hearts that I used for her aunt's baby quilt 6 years ago. I also had a lot of cute fabrics with flowers, animals & other designs and I'm making a simple 1/2 square triangle quilt. For Kinsey, I found 3 different purple and blue fabrics with stars. I haven't picked a pattern, but it will be simple in order to be finished by Christmas.