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Monday, November 13, 2006

Keeping Busy

This weekend Mr Q and I went for a quiet weekend to my family's cabin in Missouri. The highlight of the trip was eating ripe persimmons and watching 9 deer drink water from the creek. Magical! We had a lovely visit there, even though I had to read most of Freddy & Fredericka, a 550 page novel, for my book club for today. I did finish it and enjoyed it, but it was just way too long. Only 3 of the 8 in the group managed to finish the book and this is a group that usually reads anything I choose for them.

In between bouts of reading my book, I found time to take a long walk, watch a couple of movies and work on 2 scarves I am knitting. I have been working on a green lace scarf or stole since February and I decided to finish the last 6 inches so I can block it and use it this winter. I also got some new lace weight yarn and, of course, I had to start another lace scarf/stole with this. I started one pattern, but ripped it out and now I'm trying the Feather and Fan from KnitPicks. I don't think anyone else would want these scarves, so I guess I am being greedy and knitting them for myself. But sometimes, something that takes a little concentration, but not too much, is just the ticket for keeping from going completely bonkers. My library is getting spruced up in a week or so and I will be homeless for about 6 weeks, and there is just so much to do, that these scarves are just right to work on. I can concentrate on the patterns and ignore the stress!

Since there are 2 new baby girls in the family, (Welcome--Katlyn & Kinsey!) I finally went into my stash to find fabric for 2 baby quilts. I was pleased that I had plenty of pretty fabric for both without having to leave my house. For Katlyn, I found some pretty blue and pink fabric with tiny hearts that I used for her aunt's baby quilt 6 years ago. I also had a lot of cute fabrics with flowers, animals & other designs and I'm making a simple 1/2 square triangle quilt. For Kinsey, I found 3 different purple and blue fabrics with stars. I haven't picked a pattern, but it will be simple in order to be finished by Christmas.

It was good to see you at Knit Night... and good to read your update!! Have fun with the quilting and knitting. I'll see you friday.
I'm sure the scarves are beautiful -you'll have to lend them to fannie pie when they're finished. I don't get to see many FOs - Sue's the only knitter I know.

And you should definitely post pix of the new laceweight!

I agree with Connie, because it was looking beautiful when I saw it the other night in it's newbie stage.
You've been having some nice little road trips,eh? Lucky you!
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