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Thursday, July 20, 2006

I-Cords are Amazing!

I just learned how to make I-cords last night and they are truly amazing. They remind me of using the spool with nails and yarn to make tubes or cords when we were kids. Mr Q thought I was crazy but all the girls did this back in the day.

I have been extremely stressed lately, with the wedding and now hiring a new children's librarian. I have been going straight home and eating whatever Mr Q cooks and then I sit in front of the TV and knit. I have finished all but about 2 inches of my granddaughter's 2nd sock, but the other day I pulled out all my yarn and started a Booga Bag. Fannie Pie made a few of these last year and gave me the pattern from Black Sheep Bags and told me they are easy, and she was right, as always. I also saw a photo of a cute bag on KnitPicks and bought the exact yarn and loved the stripes, so I am combining 2 patterns to make a bag that looks a lot like the one above. I started this bag on Monday and I finished it last night and started the I-cord straps. I swear that knitting this bag has saved my life!

Knitting, grandbabies and "Project Runway" are keeping me going right now.
Booga Bags! I just posted about this! My daughter is visiting and just started one and it looks awfully small. Are you making yours like in the pattern or are you adjusting?
Love it! I just saw this post yesterday (Sat.) and thought 'Wow! she felted it and it completely dry already!!!' and then I realized that was a pic from knit pick because yours loooked more booga shaped.... but I'm thinking it's felted now... right? HOw did it turn out? I'll bet it looks great, I loveed the way you did the stripes! see you Tuesday!
I felted my Booga Bag last night and it is tiny. I used KnitPicks Wool of the Andes and it shrunk to roughly 50% of original size. The bag measured 15" square before felting and now it is about 7". It's adorable, but really small. If I make it again from KnitPicks yarn, I will make it much bigger.
So.....I found your blog, was over at Sue's and looking at her blog links and decided to check it out and found you. A great surprise. You have a beautiful blog I might add, visually, is there any chance I could pick your brains on how these 'work'?(apparently I'm an idiot, I've always had my suspicions) I did go back and read a few of your early posts, I LOL about the 'artist',(I know who you speak of, when I first met him close to 20 years ago I told him he was a Whineybutt and the name has stuck since, and yes, this is to his face)
You are becoming quite the knitter, actually I should say have become, don't you feel clever? What a fabulous feeling to have. I hope you bring your new bag to knitnight, see you there!
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