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Friday, December 07, 2007

Bye-Bye Camelot

It's been there most of my life, a giant castle standing over my walks home from Jr High, watching over my first drives, my trips to Pennington's and Weber's, my visits to the grocery, to Hancock's, to Church's and Cici's, stroller walks with my babies and long walks with my grandbabies. I have lived within a mile of this huge friend for almost all of my life. And now it is coming down. The big dinosaurs are chopping it into pieces and throwing it into giant dumpsters.
We knew it was coming down, we knew it was coming soon. We knew it was an eyesore, a danger, a firetrap.
But I guess I always kept my fingers crossed that somehow someone would save it, the old castle, and it would regain its former luster and glory. That presidents and entertainers, like Nixon and Elvis, would visit. That seniors could have their proms there again. That we could visit the funky piano bar and hear the lounge singers or attend another special Christmas party on the top floor.
I guess this is really the end.
It's very sad, isn't it? It's been there as long as I can remember. I also kept hoping that someone would rescue it.
I'm actually quite surprised they let it survive this long..
Growing up and now living on the West side, I've looked for the Camelot everytime I've crossed the Arkansas River.

I'll miss seeing it there even though it has been an eyesore for a few years now.

I just hope its replacement offers some visual interest.
It's finally happening for real... they've been talking about it so long that I guess I thought it wouldn't really happen.

I do hope there is something wonderful to replace it! It's a great spot and could be a great location for a new something special.

Good to see you posting frequently! You've inspiried me to take some photos and maybe even post today... although all I have to take photos of is Christmas knitting.... or kitties. Happy knitting!
It's been quite a week, watching the building coming down. I just hope that now that it has begun, it is finished as quickly as possible with as little impact on the surrounding neighborhoods as possible. We have mice under our back deck for the first time in the 5 years we have lived here, and I am noticing the neighborhood stray cats are looking more well-fed than usual too. Ugh.
I had my wedding reception at the Camelot. I'd be really, really sad if it weren't so ugly now.
Happy new year to you and your family, see you next week at knitnite.
Hey Katharoo - this is your baby sister. Just thought I'd write a note to say how sad I was to see the Camelot coming down while I was in town. I used to love it too. First Bells, now the Camelot! What is Tulsa thinking???? At least my boyfriend, the Golden Driller, is still standing. If they take him down - I get first dibs
My senior class had our graduation day breakfast at the Camelot. It is kind of sad, but also a sign of hope for new growth. I wonder what will become of the homeless people who might have been camping out there though. Hey Quiltarian, it was nice to see you at Linda's show the other night. I set up a new blog too. If you have time, take a little look-see. I thought if I was going to be following Linda's blog, I might as well give my blog something of interest for others. toodloo!
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