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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Finally photos

Mr Q finally downloaded about 700 photos off my camera onto the hard drive where I can access them. So I am finally posting some photos of our travels this year. Here's an amazing hot spring spa we went to on our trip to Santa Fe with friends.

Of course I knitted socks on the way home through the panhandle of Oklahoma.

My neice and I made the long long drive to South Dakota to visit my sister, her mom. Here's mother and daughter silhouetted by the gorgeous sunset at Lake Campbell. They have a spectacular sunset every day. It's amazing!

Mr Q and I drove to Colorado in October and got to see the aspens in full glory.

But we always have to come back home to the grandbabies! Here are the 3 granddaughters.
Could there be any cuter girls ?

Looks like you had quite a time in your travels this year. Those are some pretty cute girls.
Love the photos. But, hmmmmmmm, you are going to ruin your reputation by posting so often :)
None cuter! Great photos, thanks for posting again, ahead of schedule!
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