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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Almost Finished Objects

I'm almost finished with a pair of socks, all they need is closing the toe.
I'm almost finished with my first mitten, just weaving in about 8 strings. And 1/2 way through with the 2nd mitten. And yes, the thumb was not that hard to pick up and knit.
Maybe I will get them all finished by Knit Night on Tuesday.

I started a lace scarf with the bright yellow lace weight yarn that Sue brought to Knit Night last time.
It's pretty stiff, but it softens up a lot when washed.
Marianne from Knit Night gifted me with the coveted Make My Day Award, so I also want to thank the people who make my day. All my Knit Night friends: Of course Sue, who forced me to learn to knit and taught me so patiently, who makes me laugh, and who took a kitten off my hands. And Marianne, a friend rediscovered from our childhoods, and the fastest knitter ever. Emma, one of the first loyal knitters in the group, Amy and Joyce, the amazing bag knitters, Tony & Eric, with the lovely flowers and gorgeous knitting, hilarious Ann, and also Eva, Cindy and Esther, who don't have blogs, but need them.
The others who make my all my days: My little sister, My best friends Ann, Theresa & Barbara, my big sister, and my wonderful earth mother friend, Linda, with a brand new blog.

I'll leave you with a picture to warm any librarian grandmother's heart: Mr T reading with his little cousin, Miss H.

Thank you for the link to Linda's blog, went there, read that, enjoyed it greatly... I hadn't thought of cranky old Alice in Snowflurries for years!
Great socks, great mitten (see? easy!)
Thank you! and you're welcome :^)

I was all set for knitnight last Tuesday and of course reality whapped me upside the head.... looking forward to it tomorrow!
I love your mitten. I have been wanting to try some mittens, I need to finish up some of my WIPS first though. See you tomorrow night.
Can't wait to see all your nearly F.O.'s in person!

I agree the knit night gals often make my day- especially you! You're always alot of fun and a great friend! And I so appreciate the monster, err, kitten you gave me! She is a constant source of entertainment.

That is the cutest picture- you do have the cutest grandchildren on the planet.
hey kathy, I just wanted to tell you I started a blog. it is pretty darn boring right now, but maybe it will be grand! Love your yellow scarf!! EMILY
Here is the yarn that I am using to make my Quant.
yeah I think that the bbq sounds the best, cause eveyone likes it. yeah they have a caterer who is rediculous, but thankfully, I don't have to use them!! I am going to try to make it to tulsa soon!!
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