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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Knitting Sweaters

I finally finished a garment that I can wear!
I made this cotton shell and it actually fits. I wore it to work and to knit night last week.
The pattern is Soleil from Knitty, I made it from Cascade Sierra that I got on sale at a LYS.
I love the lace along the bottom of the shell. It was fun to knit and looks pretty, too.
After I finished this sweater, I had the confidence to start a cardigan! It's a Nolo pattern, but I am using Berocco Ultra Alpaca in a lovely purple heather. So far I have finished the back and both fronts and have started the sleeves. I'm knitting them both at the same time, so that they will match.
How far I have come from all those scarves I made for Christmas 2005.
Last night I dreamed that 75 people came to Knit night! We had to meet in 2 meeting rooms and I was worrying about how long it would take for all of us to share our projects. Math in a dream--how boring!

75 people? You don't even 'have' 2 meeting rooms at the library, do you?
Nice rack. heh.
Seriously, I love your Soleil, and it looks great on you and the colour also looks fabulous on you!
Good choices all round.
Beautiful Soleil. You better start construction on that 2nd conference room, I have been talking knitnite up and might be bringing a couple more people with me soon...maybe next week.
It's beautiful, the color, fit, and pattern all perfect!

I can't wait to see the cardigan, which I'll bet you've finished by now....

I had to laugh at your typo.. it's something I would do, not you... you said your pattern was a Nolo pattern, instead of Noro. It's a librarian slip, all those Nolo books! I wish they did make knitting patterns!

Hope you're having a good break and I can't wait to see the new sweater!
I just wanted to remind you that you are gonna have to hurry if you are going to keep up your one-blog-post-every-three-months pace. Hee hee. Time's a wastin!

I just had to tease you, see you next week.
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