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Sunday, October 29, 2006

It seriously snows in Colorado

Mr Q and I just got back from a lovely week in Colorado and let me tell you--it snows in Colorado.
We checked with before we went and it was supposed to be 50-60 degrees all week. We spent a weekend with my lovely neice in Denver and it was warm and beautiful fall weather. The next weekend we spent with Mr Q's gourmet cook nephew and his wife and their adorable little girl in Denver. Cold but still fall-like.

In between we went to Mr Q's sister's beautiful cabin in the mountains near Fairplay, and it snowed, and snowed and snowed. I was expecting a week of me reading and Mr Q fishing and long walks in the woods, but got a week of reading, knitting and watching the snow fall and fall and fall. We couldn't get to any of the lakes to fish because all the roads were closed. My SIL and I planned a trip to Breckenridge, but when we got about 20 miles from the cabin it bagan to snow in the mountains so we went to the tiny library in Fairplay and met the not-so-friendly librarian and used the internet to check the weather which forcast more snow, so we went back to the cabin again. Luckily BIL had set aside a good supply of firewood and the big black stove in the cabin was plenty warm. I had lots of books and lots of knitting projects to keep me busy and the snow was lovely. On the trip I knitted a Harry Potter scarf for kindergardener Grandson for his Halloween costume, and worked on a bigger striped bag to felt, and a stripy sock for me. We ate some dandy homecooked food and drank a bit of wine, too.

The only really scary part was leaving on the last day when we slipped off the road into the ditch. Luckily Mr Q doesn't panic in the snow, so we got the car out of the ditch with Mr Q carefully accelerating and me pushing the car. It took 50 minutes to drive the 9 miles from the cabin to the main road. The rest of the way into Denver I was clutching the arm of the cardoor and even covered my eyes around turns. Obviously I need to stay in Oklahoma where it rarely snows and when it does it melts the next day. And I live one very flat mile from my work. Thank goodness!

After we got safely back to Oklahoma, where it is now glorious fall, it really snowed in Colorado--2 feet of snow! I was so happy to be here instead of there. Next time we visit Colorado in the summer! And I plan to finally get to see Jefferson Lake and Breckenridge, too.

Wow....I have what most folks would call an x-SIL, I just call her a dear sister, anyway, she lives in Denver and fortunately among the relatively recently retired so she doesn't *have* to get out if she doesn't want to...and she knits!
Do you remember the Nicholson boys? Flip and Dave? They had a sister...she would've been your age, Flip and Dave lived in a big historial house in Fairplay many long years ago, saw them there...
outside of the snow (which I like) lucky you, the mountains are so beautiful.
How was your mom's birthday?
Hey... where'd you go? What's up with your knitting?
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