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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I Win the Gold!

YarnHarlot says that anyone who finished their knitting project wins the gold, so I win!

I started my baby blanket as I watched the opening ceremonies and I finished the border as I watched the closing ceremonies. I finished casting off while watching the credits! What timing!
I just started knitting in October, so I felt pleased to make a real, useful item in just 16 days. Mr Q. was very sweet, cooking dinner so that I could knit. On Sunday we went out of town with my sister and her fiance and I knitted in the car most of the day. What fun. Thanks YarnHarlot for making the Olympics and the knitting something really special this year.
Now I can give my pretty baby blanket to my friend at the hospital and hope she can use it for one of her babies.

My library branch will be renovated sometime soon, I hope and the library system is buying lots of new books. We got to order lots of quilting, knitting, crochet, sewing and decorating books and they are all coming in right now and I am in heaven looking at all these gorgeous books. But I want to make everything I see! Now I need to decide on just 1 or 2 projects that I might be able to actually finish. I think I found a quilt that I want to make, and after my sock class, I need to try to finish my first pair of socks, and I want to finish my lace stole that I started in January. I may never cook or see Mr Q. again!