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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Knitting Olympics

I just joined the Knitting Olympics at the YarnHarlot site. The challenge is to cast on a project during the Olympics Opening Ceremonies and finish by the Closing Ceremonies. I am going to make a baby blanket and give it away to a hospital. A librarian in our system died in the fall and her mother donated her yarn stash to the library, so we are giving it to any librarian or customer who will knit a project for charity. I'm using some of this yarn, pretty soft baby blue acrylic, for my project. I think I will do a simple basketweave pattern, which will be easy, but fun.

I am currently knitting a lace stole, which will definitely not be finished by late February. At the begninning there are many, many, awful inintended holes, but now 15 inches into the stole, it's looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. I have improved a lot during this project, and I think the baby blanket will be good for making my stitches more even.

This was gr great.......

And I agree .........

and yes Linda should have come to the party..........

No one gives a crap!!!!!
Hey you'd better get your sock supplies ready... it should be fun Thursday!

I still haven't seen the baby blanket you're making for the olympics, do you have a picture?
Okay, you really need some pics of your blanket progress!!!! it's cute!
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