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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New computer

Mr Q has got us a new computer, so we can access the internet again. WooHoo!
When we figure out how to do it, we can also post photos. Mr Q was on a job and mentioned that we needed a computer and a friend said he had one that we could buy for $75. Since our computer was on its last legs, this is a big improvement for us. Eldest son says the computer was maybe worth $75, which I think was an insult, but we are happy anyway that we don't have to shell out the bigger bucks right now.

We are trying out Firefox for a browser, too. I think I like it but some things are different from what I am used to with Internet Explorer. We got SBC internet, and the browser is something from Yahoo, which I really don't like.

I know, boring post. I'll tell a library story next time, much more exciting.